When advising on an insurance or mortgage and when concluding one or more products of ENNIA, we will ask you for some personal data. ENNIA is committed to protect your privacy and will do anything to protect this. The following protection rules apply.

Download the privacy policy.

Special personal data

Depending on the type of services, we sometimes need special personal information from you. This could for instance be information concerning your health when applying for certain financial services, such as a life insurance. If we need additional information from a physician, your authorization will always be asked in advance. We are required to inform you why we need the information and which information it concerns.

Another example concerns criminal records. In some cases we might inquire about a client’s previous convictions. We will only inquire about any criminal records during the past eight (8) years prior to the application for a financial service.

Websites of third parties

On ENNIA’s internet sites you may come across hyperlinks to websites of third parties. Our privacy statement does not apply to these websites. ENNIA can and will therefore by no means be liable for the accessibility and contents of these websites and the treatment of your personal data by the relevant third parties. Therefore, if available, read the privacy statement of the website you are visiting.

New developments

The texts on this site including our privacy statement and privacy regulations can be adjusted by us due to new developments, for example within the scope of our business activities. We therefore advise you to consult our privacy statement regularly when you visit our site.

Using this website

We have applied suitable measures to protect your visit to and use of our website and to prevent abuse. All persons that may become aware of the data are required to maintain confidentiality.


What are cookies?
The ENNIA website uses cookies. Cookies are small, simple text files placed on your computer, tablet or mobile telephone whenever you visit our website. Cookies keep track of information of your visit to the website. It is not possible to log in when using a browser that does not accept cookies.

Who places cookies?

In some cases places cookies and in some cases cookies are placed by other parties than In the second case the privacy and cookie policy of the relevant third party applies.

What do we use these cookies for?

Some cookies enable certain parts of the website to function well and to save your user preferences. For example when filling out a digital form. ENNIA also uses cookies to collect and analyze certain data of your visits to our website, such as the number of pages you visit, how long you visit the website and how often you return to the website. These data are used to improve the operation and user friendliness of our website. ENNIA does not collect any personal information via this website other than your IP-address and the information you have provided yourself. The privacy regulations of ENNIA apply to the personal data processed by ENNIA.

How can you disable or remove cookies?

You can manually remove cookies through your internet browser or have them deleted automatically when leaving the website. You can also set your internet browser to alert you when a cookie is being placed. And you can also adjust the settings in such a way that cookies cannot be placed on your device. You will then, however, not be able to use all the facilities of our website.