Winners October Baby month

The month of October was the Nutricia Baby month and this year’s theme was BIG ADVENTURES START SMALL.

Parents of children up to 3 years of age were able to participate in a quiz with a chance to win one of the top prizes: an amount of f 5.000 in an ENNIA Study Plan, 20.000 Fun Miles or a Float & Baby massage.

Almost 1000 parents in total participated in the quiz that tested parents’ knowledge about the child’s growth development. Each participant received 20 free Fun Miles and was eligible to win one of the 3 top prizes, regardless of the result.

The winners of the drawing among the participants are:

Grand prize - ENNIA Study Plan worth f 5.000: Estee-Rochelle Victorina 

Second prize – 20.000 Fun Miles: Abigail Clarke

Third prize  - Float & Baby massage: Sandra Patricia Willem 

On the pictures the winner of the ENNIA Study Plan of f 5.000.