Girobank client with an ENNIA insurance remain insured

The Girobank has reached an agreement with ENNIA that all clients who took out an ENNIA insurance via Girobank as broker, will be assisted directly by ENNIA from now on.

What does this mean for you as a policy holder?

  • You are no longer insured via the Girobank.
  • All questions with regards to your insurance policy(ies) are directed to ENNIA.
  • Your premiums are paid directly to ENNIA from now on.

Where do you go if you have questions?

ENNIA is happy to answer any questions you may have. This is easy via our digital media.

  • The contact form.
  • The live chat in the bottom right corner of this screen.
  • Via WHATSAPP whenever it's convenient.
  • Via our Facebook, Instagram or messenger. See the icons on the top right.
  • Of Course, you're always welcome to come by and speak to our Customer Service department at ENNIA Gorsiraweg or at ENNIA Sambil.
  • You can also call during office hours: 434 3800.

Where do you pay your premium(s)?

  • We prefer for you to pay online via your own bank. It's safe and quick.
  • ENNIA Gorsiraweg 6: swipe or pay cash.
  • ENNIA Sambil: only swipe.

ENNIA bank account numbers

Still missing something? Let us know. We're happy to help!