ENNIA will help a Christmas wish come true this holiday season

During this time of year, we go out of our way to be extra kind to one another and make sure we can all enjoy our holidays. Knowing that the secret to happiness is generosity, and that by giving we also receive, ENNIA is bringing back its end-of-year campaign. Anyone can make a Christmas wish for another to be surprised with during the Holidays, with the hope of bringing them much joy.

Your wish for someone else can be anything: a new bed, Christmas breakfast for a class of underprivileged children, a day of fun activities, flying in a grandchild from abroad, roof repairs, car repairs, etc. It can be anything that would make someone else’s wish come true.

After reviewing all the entries, we will choose the most beautiful wish of all, and make it come true. Your wish may cost up to f 5,000 ($ 2,750). You have till December 20th to submit your wish, and on December 23rd ENNIA will announce who will be the lucky one(s) who’s wish will be fulfilled this Christmas.