Donation to Stichting Shimaruku

Nutricia, Fun Miles and ENNIA donated baby- and child nutrition to the value of f 1.100 to Stichting Shimaruku, a foundation devoted to providing meals, sports and events for children in the neighbborhood of Seri Papaya in Curaçao.

During the Nutrica Baby month campaign in October 2020 participants in the Baby Quiz could choose to either keep the received Fun Miles or donate them to Stichting Shimaruku.

Nutricia, Fun Miles and Ennia jointly doubled the amount of donated Fun Miles to Stichting Shimaruku and distributed these in Nutricia products to the foundation. In total 21.400 Fun Miles were accumulated.

The Stichting Shimaruku is extremely happy with the donation. In times of economical difficulties on the island, it’s imperative that children keep receiving the proper nutrition. Not only fort heir immune system, but also for the ability to concentrate well, which helps with studying.