Misunderstanding resolved

On Wednesday morning, September 23rd, bailiffs from De Landsontvanger brought us a visit at the Gorsiraweg. This visit caused a lot of unrest in the community. This unannounced visit also came as a complete surprise to us, as there had been no consultation beforehand.

ENNIA’s Board of Directors spoke to De Ontvanger on Friday, September 25th, and the matter has been resolved in an amicable manner. According to De Ontvanger’s administration there were outstanding tax claims, but ENNIA has now shown convincing proof that these were indeed paid. A misunderstanding and an unjustified visit from the bailiffs. Thankfully it was resolved in a speedy manner and agreements have been made that would prevent such misunderstandings going forward.

All our attention is now focused once again on protecting your interests and giving you the service that you’ve come to expect from us. Thank you for your trust.