Introduction Digital Insurance Certificate

ENNIA, in conjunction with other insurance companies, introduces the digital insurance certificate for motor vehicles. The digital certificate offers car owners access to their certificate of insurance via their mobile phone. This project has been developed on the initiative of insurers, with approval of the authorities.

The digital insurance certificate facilitates roadside checks as well as those executed by the authorities. Forensys, the Ontvanger and the Police scan the insurance certificate’s QR-code off the insured party’s phone, and have immediate access to all information pertaining to the insurance certificate.

With this new technique the validation process is more efficient and up-to-date, enabling a more streamlined cooperation between insurers and the government.

The digital insurance certificate is drawn up by the insurer and is mailed to the insured party, who can then easily download it onto his or her phone. A trip to the insurer is no longer necessary and the insurance certificate is always accessible by phone, even without an Internet connection.

The digital insurance certificate will be introduced across all branches. ENNIA will introduce the digital insurance certificate in phases, starting with a trial period.

In the future it will also be possible to make other information accessible via this system. This project was developed and will continue to be managed by the Curaçao-based company INSight Insurance Platform.