ENNIA’s CuraDoet project: refurbishing the Stella Maris school

A large team of ENNIA employees, managers and directors spent 2 days refurbishing part of the Stella Maris school and getting 5 classrooms ready for use. Soon the J.F. Kennedy school will be relocating to this currently vacant school building.

J.F. Kennedy school is a school for children who have learning difficulties. The school wanted to relocate to a quieter neighborhood and the Stella Maris building is a great location. An incredible amount of work was done during the 2 days. The classrooms were thoroughly cleaned and completely repainted with bright colors. The room's ceiling fan blades were sanded and varnished. The garden was cleaned up and all the vegetation was trimmed. A small soccer field was added to the schoolyard and an entire playground with beautifully painted swings and seesaws was created, which required a lot of sawing, welding and digging work.

When the children enter the school, they will be welcomed by a “Super Student” who is excited to go to school, in the form of a large painting on a wall. ENNIA’s team thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and is extremely proud of the result.