PROJECT Foundation obtains

ENNIA pension plan

The PROJECT Foundation obtains a flexible pension plan, a solid investment in its employees

The PROJECT Foundation in Bonaire is offering its employees a flexible collective pension plan through ENNIA. “The reason we chose ENNIA is because of the high level of flexibility they offer in their pension products”, said Mick Schmit, Founder and Director of the foundation. “We would like to provide our employees with a personalized pension plan. ENNIA offers options that take the individual needs of our employees into account.”

The PROJECT Foundation is a center for remedial education of children and teens with bonding issues or bonding disorders. The children receive guidance and treatment in order to help them feel safe and secure again, so they can participate in society as normally as possible. The PROJECT Foundation uses the Forsa Method to help treat those who lack these crucial feelings of safety and security. In turn, ENNIA wishes the PROJECT Foundation all the “strength” and best wishes for the future.

The work of this foundation is incredibly important for Bonaire’s society. ENNIA is very proud of the customized retirement offerings it is providing for the PROJECT Foundation, and would like to congratulate them on their new flexible collective retirement plan.