ENNIA. Feel Secure!

Our promise to you for many years!

ENNIA. Feel Secure!

For many years our promise to you has been: Feel Secure!

Feel Secure is not only our promise, but also our organization’s mission. 
The news in recent days suggests that ENNIA cannot fulfill this promise.
Therefore we find it important to share the following with you. At ENNIA everything revolves around one thing: our clients/policyholders.
That’s why our clients and policyholders can continue to rely on our promise, today and far into the future.
We can promise you that what we have agreed to and documented, is absolutely not at risk.

ENNIA is a company that is more than financially sound and we can therefore fulfill our obligations without difficulty. The following figures may provide a better understanding of the financial backing behind our Feel Secure promise.

  • Over the past 10 years, we have paid out more than ANG 1.3 billion in loss/damage claims and ANG 300 million in pensions and benefits.
  • Since 2005 ENNIA’s capital has grown from ANG 31.5 million to almost ANG 269 million at the end of 2015.
  • Total assets (holdings) increased from 909 million in 2005 to ANG 2 billion at the end of 2015.

The mandatory reserves that must be maintained to guarantee the policyholders’ interests at all times, have increased from ANG 790 million in 2005 to ANG 1.7 billion at the end of 2015[1].

If, despite our promise, you would still have questions, we invite you to share your questions with us. This can be done via an email address specially created for this: vragen@ennia.com  We will answer your questions within 24 hours.

And of course, our door is always open if you prefer to ask your questions in person. Together with our 250 employees, we guarantee to fulfill the promise we have made to you.


[1] An independent accountant and an independent actuary certify the reserves for policyholders. Supervision by the CBCS, CBA and DNB central banks ensures that we secure our reserves according to the law and international guidelines.