Health & Happiness is key at PreventNow Seminar in Curacao

For the 4th time, ENNIA presents the PreventNow Seminar in Curacao.

After three successful seminars in Curacao, two in Aruba and one in St. Maarten, ENNIA organizes the fourth edition of this free event at the World Trade Center in Curacao. On Friday the 21st and Saturday the 22nd of October ENNIA welcomes everyone to come and join PreventNow.

A healthy person is a happy one, but it has become clear a happy person is also healthier! Therefore, being happy is not only important individually but also of great social importance. Society as a whole benefits from happy people. They perform better, are more productive and have a greater personal and professional network.

That is why this year, the human side of prevention will be key at PreventNow Curacao, presented with the theme: Health & Happiness through Body & Mind.

On Friday afternoon, starting at 1pm, national and international professional speakers will shed light on our wellbeing. For instance, Ashley Duits talks about “Achieving Healthy Aging”, James Bagnola enlightens us about “Using the mind/body connection to become a professional human being” and Gabriel Mejia Montoya conducts a presentation about “The Awakening of Conscious”. The latter speaker gained international fame and glory for his commitment to the moral recovery of the Metropolitan Medellín and his approach has been adopted by many other cities in South America.

After various speakers the Vendor Exhibition will open at half past 6pm. Over twenty local companies participate and will demonstrate their products and services related to the topic. Additionally, starting at half past 6pm till 8pm is the Greet & Chat, a social occasion during which the speakers will mingle with the participants and will be available for questions or a talk.

Saturday Morning at 8am till half past 12pm various interactive presentations and workshops will be taken place repeatedly, in different time blocks, so you can catch all of your favorites. Additionally, at 10am the Vendor Exhibition will reopen.

Body & Mind

The connection between Body & Mind can no longer be denied, but how to really balance the two is often still a great challenge. Experts will guide the participants through the fascinating world of self management of Health & Happiness and will show how to make the right connection between body and mind and find a good balance in life. Nutrition, Obesity & Diabetes; Inactivity, Physical Exercise & Fitness; Yoga, Awareness & Meditation, are all subjects able to influence our wellbeing and they will all be addressed during the seminar.

Entrance to the PreventNow Seminar is free, but registration in advance is required. You can subscribe here to participate. Here you will also find the seminar program and additional information about the speakers, the workshops and the product presentations.

ENNIA cordially invites everyone to join the PreventNow Seminar on Friday the 21st of October from 1pm till 8pm and Saturday the 22nd of October from 8am till 3pm at the WTC in Curacao.