Delta Security & Hospitality sets up a group pension plan and as such is investing in the future of its staff

Delta Security & Hospitality on Bonaire sets up a group pension plan with ENNIA for its employees and as such is investing in the future of its staff.

As of today Delta Security & Hospitality offers all of its employees a flexible group pension plan from ENNIA, which includes the employer paying the full basic premium. "We think it’s important to make it possible for our staff to build up a pension", says director Arthur Klootwijk. "We provide security for everything from the hospital to company premises, from stores to hotels, as well as for public events. In our business, trust forms the basis. Just as our clients can rely on us, I now rely on ENNIA. They arrange for and manage our pensions and I have content and loyal employees."

Delta Security & Hospitality has been in business on Bonaire since 2013, and now has more than 60 security guards all of whom have gone through a rigorous, professional selection process. This means that there is low turnover of staff and many of them are permanent employees.

Employees were very pleasantly surprised by the proposed plan: "So I get a pension without having it cost me anything?" was a comment frequently heard. Initially some employees were also suspicious of the flexible structure, but after an explanation from ENNIA’s advisers, they were very pleased with this pension plan. "My boss pays my basic premium and I myself don’t need to contribute anything, but I can if I want to!”

ENNIA is proud of its customized solution for Delta Security & Hospitality Bonaire and congratulates them on their flexible group pension plan.