Personal liability

Are you being held personally liable? We gladly help you in this unfortunate situation. Together with you, we investigate if an allegation of personal liability is justified. If it turns out that it’s not the case, then we can help you take legal action against the allegation.

Take a look at the following steps and report your damage as soon as possible.

Documenting the damage

  • Do you have a camera with you? Then take pictures.
  • Good documentation and pictures of the damage can help, especially when handling the claim later.

Checking your coverage and deductible

  • Check your policy and policy conditions to see if you are covered for damage and whether you have a deductible or not.
  • Or contact your insurance adviser or ENNIA. They can look this up for you.

Reporting damage

  • To handle your claim as soon as possible, call ENNIA or your independent insurance adviser or come to our office.
  • Fill out a claim form right there.
  • Remember to bring the following documents with you (if available or applicable):
    • Copy of your ID.
    • Copy of the injured party’s ID.
    • Address, telephone number and e-mail of the injured party.
    • Copy of the police report.
    • Names and addresses of the witnesses.
    • Written notice of liability letter from the injured party.
    • Purchase receipts, specification or quotation of the repair costs.
    • Photographs, if available, of the situation at the time of the damage.

 Handling your damage claim

  • Your damage claim will be quickly and expertly handled by an experienced ENNIA claims processor.
  • If we have any questions or need something from you, we’ll let you know. Otherwise you will receive your money by direct deposit.