Construction All-Risk insurance

You’re going to (re)build your dream house. We’re hoping it’s everything you’ve wished for! At the same time, let us point out the risks involved during building, renovating or demolishing a house or a commercial building. Think of all the people who’d be involved: the client, architect, contractor,  subcontractors and installers. ENNIA’s Construction All-Risk insurance covers loss and damage that may occur during construction.

Required documents when taking out insurance

So that we can process your application quickly, you need to take several documents with you.

  • Application/modification form. Filled in completely and signed.
  • Valid ID, driver’s license or passport of the policyholder and all persons to be insured.
  • Residency/work permit and proof of registration in the civil registry (applicable to foreigners).

In the case of legal entities / companies

  • Valid excerpt of the Chamber of Commerce registration, stamped and signed (not older than 6 months).
  • Valid ID, driver’s license or passport of the owner or the business’ proxy

Construction documents

  • Copy of the design drawings, construction drawings and site plans.
  • Copy of the budget and construction contract (a specification of the materials and labor costs).
  • Copy of the building permit.