A single moment of inattentiveness

Papiamentu (curaçao) 

Check out this story of a man named Rileyson, who was seriously injured due to a driver's momentary inattentiveness with dramatic consequences.

A car insured by ENNIA turned from the Rooseveltweg onto the parking lot of a minimarket. The driver misjudged the distance and collided with Rileyson, who was riding his scooter.

At first glance, Rileyson appeared to be mostly unharmed, he just had some scratches on his arms and legs. He was transported to the hospital anyway, because he wasn’t feeling well. Rileyson’s condition deteriorated quickly. Suddenly, he was no longer able to talk or walk, and his physical movements became very limited. It turned out that he had suffered serious brain damage as a result of the collision.

After spending a few months in the hospital, he is now being cared for at home and has to spend 24/7 in bed. His bedroom has been rebuilt, and plants and flowers were planted in the part of the garden he can see from his room, just so he can experience a bit of that “happiness of being outside”.

Rileyson is being cared for by his mother and grandmother. His mother gave up her job to take care of him and receives financial help from the family for the special food and vitamins he needs.

Quote request to increase the liability coverage

The material damages have been paid by ENNIA and the injury claim is now being processed. All damage expenses related to this accident will be paid out from the driver's liability (WA) policy. These expenses include damage to the scooter, ambulance transportation, (para)medical care, hospitalization, modifications made to the house, daily care and special food.

A small mistake can have major consequences. Make sure you have enough liability coverage so the victim doesn’t have to depend on your ability to pay for everything personally.

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