Mostly you walk away unscathed. But what if something does go wrong just that once? (2)


I’m reminded of Maureen. A cheerful woman. She was handicapped, but has learned to live with her circumstances. After diving into the water, she unfortunately hit her head on the bottom of the pool and is now permanently in a wheelchair. That was an incredible shock. Her life changed dramatically in one instance. Personally, for her, but also purely practical. Her house was no longer suitable. She couldn’t enter it anymore. The porch was too high, the doorstep was crooked and even inside it was hard for her to move around with her wheelchair.

A blessing in disguise: she had personal accident insurance. She received a compensation of 60.000 guilders. She used the money to adapt the entranceway, converted the bathroom and also adapted the rest of the house. And still there was money left for a comfortably seating wheelchair. Now, five years later, it’s inspiring to see how Maureen managed to pick up her life again. Thanks, in part, to the personal accident insurance.

It’s inspiring how she picked up her life

Personal accident insurance? I can hear you thinking. I already have health insurance. I’d like to clarify that misconception. Health insurance covers doctor and hospital costs. The personal accident insurance is different; that concerns money for you if you ever have to deal with a permanent injury. Or in case of decease, to help your family. Money that can be put to very good use at such a time.

Take Fedrico (38 years old). Nice job, father of three kids and crazy about cars. On weekends, he loved to work on his American wabi with his friends. Until the day he got his hand caught and was only able to have it freed after half an hour. Due to a damaged nerve, his right hand was paralyzed. He lost his job in construction and ended up sitting at home, unemployed. Compensation from personal accident insurance would have gone very far in helping him cope with his loss of income and cover the cost of retraining.

Consider it for a moment. In my line of work I quite often meet people for whom a simple accident unexpectedly causes them to hit rock bottom. Personal accident insurance could have spared them much misery.

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