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Juan and Asly have two kids, Randy (10) and Monica (12). Together they’re a fun, cool family. They do a lot outdoors. Randy is a skater; Monica loves hip hop and street dance. And Juan and Asly are true mountain bikers. They’re not the fearful type. But not too long ago they got an awful fright. Randy was skating when he suddenly shot off the sidewalk. A passing scooter just about managed to avoid him but ended up falling himself. Luckily the rider only had a few scratches, but the scooter got badly damaged.

Luckily the rider only had a few scratches

The damage was quickly taken care of. Juan and Asly took out liability insurance for the family. That was a smart move. Accidents are just waiting to happen. Especially when you have kids. But the same goes for the parents. Last year Juan was watching world series baseball at the neighbors’. Juan was over the moon when the Los Angeles Dodgers won. He was jumping and dancing, when he suddenly tripped and almost knocked over the TV. These things can happen. This is exactly where liability insurance comes in.

It can happen to any individual, but the chance of a ‘mishap’ is greater for families. And how about the dog!? They can cause a lot of damage too. All family members are included on the liability insurance policy, even the dog. 

A claims amount with many zeroes

And we haven’t even mentioned significant damages. Suppose the outcome of the scooter accident had been worse for the rider. Then you have lawsuits on your hands that involve amounts with many zeroes. You don’t want to have to go through that as a family. With a liability insurance you cover small and large damages. Being insured for these types of circumstances just gives more peace of mind.

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