An expensive mistake: the pay out of Sonny’s life insurance won’t go to his loved one

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Sonny had three partners in his lifetime. He met the love of his life when he was already 42: Carolina.

They were together for almost thirty years, but never tied the knot. After his two failed marriages, Sonny wasn’t going to marry again.

“Two ugly divorces broke Sonny”

 He went through two ugly divorces that both scarred him deeply. He had two daughters with his first wife, but after his divorce he never saw them again. His second marriage remained childless, but also ended painfully. Afterwards, Sonny was convinced he’d stay single for the remainder of his life. That was until he met Carolina. She made him happy and joyful again.

Sonny was a tough guy with a soft heart. He did everything for Carolina. He went through fire for her. They were good together. Until their happiness came to an abrupt end due to a car accident. Sonny didn’t pass the age of 68.

In his will, Sonny had arranged that Carolina was his only inheritor. He thus also assumed that his life insurance, of almost 100.000 guilders, would be paid out to her. But Sonny had forgotten one thing. He had never ammended his life insurance policy, which he had bought during his first marriage.

Now the pay out (beneficial entitlement) would go to his 1) spouse, 2) his children and 3) his immediate family. Because Sonny never married Carolina, she wasn’t his ‘spouse’. Which is why, Sonny’s daughters became the beneficiaries. The two daughters, that Sonny had never seen again. Carolina tried to oppose it, but it unfortunately it didn’t hold up in court.

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