New Home

A new home, congratulations! We hope you have a great time decorating your new house.

We also gladly give you some tips that we think you as a young professional should take into account for your new home.

Public Liability insurance

Liability? That’s an expensive word and there’s a reason for that. If someone in your home has an accident and holds you liable, the costs can skyrocket. They can get so high that you could even lose your home or your possessions. With Public Liability insurance these financial risks are covered; you don’t have to pay out of your own pocket.

Content insurance

You are most likely very happy with your belongings. Maybe they still include furniture you’ve collected from family and friends, but they are yours nonetheless. Even if not all your belongings are very costly, their overall value is probably more than you think. In the event of a fire or a break-in, you could lose everything. While our Content insurance cannot fix the emotional damage, it can (partially) reimburse your financial losses.

Home insurance and Life insurance

As a young professional, you can also take out Home insurance and Life insurance. However, we only recommend these if you are buying a house or if you want to build up extra capital for the future.