New vehicle

A new vehicle is a major investment, but it does have its risks. 

We would be happy to advise you on how to insure your vehicle, yourself and your passengers in case something unexpected happens, such as an accident, damage or theft.

Third Party Liability insurance and Passenger insurance

Anyone who owns a vehicle is required by law to take out Third Party Liability (TPL) insurance. This insurance covers any damage that your vehicle may cause to other people or their property. For just a little extra, your passengers can be additionally covered in the event of an accident. We highly recommend this insurance. Better safe than sorry.

Comprehensive vehicle insurance and no-claim years

Do you want to insure your vehicle against theft or accidents? Then choose Limited Comprehensive, Extra Comprehensive or Ideal Comprehensive Vehicle insurance. For a young professional such as yourself, we recommend the most advantageous insurance: Limited Comprehensive Vehicle. It is unlikely that you bought a brand new expensive vehicle, but if you did, then you'd be better off choosing Extra Comprehensive or Ideal Comprehensive Vehicle insurance.  But Limited Comprehensive Vehicle insurance probably provides excellent coverage for your vehicle.

Have you, as a driver, built up no-claim years? Then take advantage of a maximum 80% no-claim discount! Ask your previous insurance company for your no-claim status.