New vehicle

Your vehicle says a lot about the type of person you are. Your vehicle is a big part of your image. New, comfortable and the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Taking care of your vehicle is taking care of yourself and your passengers.

Third Party Liability insurance and Passenger insurance

Anyone who owns a vehicle is required by law to take out Third Party Liability (TPL) insurance. This insurance covers damage that your vehicle may cause to other people and their property. We advise you to additionally insure  your passengers in the event of an accident. A small investment with big advantages.

Third Party Liability Vehicle insurance is only recommended if your vehicle’s value does not make it worth taking out Comprehensive vehicle insurance. For some, this is when a vehicle is 8 years old. For others, it may be when it’s older than that.

Comprehensive vehicle insurance and no-claim years

If you are buying a new vehicle, you should choose Extra Comprehensive or Ideal Comprehensive Vehicle insurance. Ideal Comprehensive Vehicle insurance is for the professional that doesn’t settle for anything less than the best. In the event of total loss, you receive a brand new vehicle with either Extra Comprehensive or Ideal Comprehensive Vehicle insurance.

It’s good to know: you’re probably a good driver. We reward drivers who haven’t had any accidents causing damage with a maximum 80% no-claim discount.