Whole Life insurance

Are your future plans financially feasible? For example, how are you planning on paying for your children’s education? Have you saved enough money for your pension when you stop working? Or maybe you don’t have concrete plans for the future yet, but you simply want something to fall back on during hard times?

Build up the assets in your life with ENNIA’s Whole Life insurance. This insurance pays out a benefit if you are alive when the policy reaches the agreed upon maturity date. You can use this capital, for example, as a supplement for your pension or for future expenses, such as education or the wedding of your child or grandchild.

Personal supplement for your pension

Government pension and the pension you receive from your employer are often not enough if you want to remain at the financial level you’re used to. Therefore a personal supplement for your pension is more of a necessity than a luxury. Whole Life insurance is the perfect supplement for your pension. Instead of a one-time capital payout, you can choose an annuity (lifetime or interim).

The variations

Endowment insurance pays out a benefit if you are alive at an agreed upon date. There are 2 types:

  1. Pure Endowment insurance while alive.
  2. Pure Endowment insurance while alive, with premium refund.

What’s covered?

With Endowment insurance while alive, you receive the benefit specified in the policy if you are alive at the policy’s maturity date. This insurance is only beneficial to you. If you pass away before the maturity date, then there is no benefit payout.

Endowment insurance while alive with premium refund is the same as the aforementioned insurance. The difference is that the beneficary receives a refund of the premiums you paid if you pass away before the policy’s maturity date. This Endowment insurance has a guaranteed benefit payout for you if you are alive at the policy’s maturity date, or for the beneficiary, if you pass away before the maturity date.

How much is Whole Life insurance?

The premium for Whole Life insurance depends on the chosen variation, the amount you want to be insured for, your age and your gender. Your choice depends on your financial situation and your personal wishes. It is important to examine exactly what you need and to make sure that you are neither over insured nor underinsured. Our insurance advisors can assist you in creating an inventory based on your wishes and mapping out the possibilities.