Construction All-Risk insurance

You’re going to (re)build your dream house. We’re hoping it’s everything you’ve wished for! At the same time, let us point out the risks involved during building, renovating or demolishing a house or a commercial building. Think of all the people who’d be involved: the client, architect, contractor,  subcontractors and installers. ENNIA’s Construction All-Risk insurance covers loss and damage that may occur during construction.

Why choose this insurance?

  • High quality Construction All-Risk insurance.
  • 100% assurance during your construction.
  • Very low premium.

What does it cover?

  • Damage as a result of work, storms, vandalism and theft on your construction site.
  • Liability of the insured individual for personal injury and property damage to third parties during construction on or in the immediate vicinity of the construction site.
  • Damage to your property caused by construction that falls under your responsibility.
  • Damage caused by destruction and theft of auxiliary equipment, such as scaffolding, formwork, sheet pilings, chains, sheds and their contents, tools, machinery and equipment.
  • Damaged cause by destruction and theft to the personal property (with the exception of cash and equivalents) at the work site belonging to management and individuals employed by the insured to work at the site.

How much does ENNIA’s Construction All-Risk insurance cost?

Construction All-Risk insurance is tailored to you. The price depends on several factors. Don’t hesitate to give us your blueprints, technical specifications and construction budget in advance, so that we can prepare an estimate for you.