Personal Accident insurance

You insure your house and your car against damage, but what if you incur damages yourself? In case of an industrial accident, you’re likely to be covered, but not if it’s a personal matter. Your medical costs will be covered, and your salary will continue to be paid for a period, but what if you are permanently injured? What if your house and car need extra adjustments?

If you can no longer do your job, you must re-educate yourself and look for another one. Costly matters that won’t be covered by your health insurance. If you pass away due to the accident, your next of kin will be dealing with high costs straight away.  

The accident is always unexpected and can have great ramifications. You’d better be well insured if it happens. Sometimes the financial consequences can’t be foreseen.

For a small amount, the accident insurance helps you and your family cushion the financial consequences of an accident.

Why choose?

  • Additional financial means to improve your quality of life after an accident
  • Money for the necessary resources or adjustments to your house and car, for instance.
  • Your family members receive a financial compensation in the event of your death due to an accident.

What is insured?

  • Upon death due to an accident, the insured amount is paid out.
  • In the event of permanent disability as the result of an accident, the insured amount is paid out. The amount to be paid out is determined by the ‘degree of disability’.

How much does the accident insurance cost?

The risk associated with your profession and the desired payment amount, determine the insurance premium. Most people fall under category A: Administrative and management occupations.

Example for an annual premium of 250 ($137)

Insured amounts:

In the event of death

f 25.000

$ 13.700

In the event of permanent disability

f 250.000

$ 137.000

Other occupation categories have a higher risk which leads to a somewhat higher premium.

  • Category B. Commercial and agricultural occupations, representatives, and service occupations.
  • Category C. Trade occupations.

So, the premium is dependent on your occupation and the payment amount you’d like to receive. Would you like to know more? We’d be happy to give you advise and calculate the insurance amounts that fit you.

Advice request for a accident insurance

Would you like to insure yourself to protect your family in the event of a sudden death or illness, have a look at our term life insurance with a more extensive coverage. You can also insure yourself against possible disability, and the loss of income.

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