Homeowners insurance

Stop worrying about your home! With ENNIA’s homeowners insurance, you won’t be left without a roof above your head in the event of a fire, break-in or natural disasters. Damage to your house isn’t the only thing that’s covered. Swimming pools, outbuildings, fences, windows and antennas are covered too. Not only that, you can count on us handling damage claims quickly and efficiently.

Take note: Have you built a palapa? This can change your premium and/or coverage. 


How much does a homeowners insurance cost?

Your homeowners insurance premium depends on how the house was constructed, adjacent buildings and objects, and the reconstruction cost of your home, namely the amount you would have to pay if you would rebuild, excluding the price of the land. In order to correctly determine this amount, it would be wise to use reliable sources:

  • An evaluation by a licensed appraiser or real estate agent, for existing homes.
  • The original building costs, consisting of the contractor’s price and additional costs, such as labor costs, for new construction.

Prevention tips

  • Prevent damages caused by break-in, flooding, fire or storm. Read more about it here.
  • Always make sure you understand what is covered by your insurance. Read more about it here.