Basic Home

Has your house been damaged by fire (due to lightning strike for example)? With With Basic Home insurance, you can rest assured that the repair costs will be covered.

With homeowners insurance from ENNIA, you won’t be left without a roof over your head in the event of a fire, break-in or natural disasters.

Why choose this insurance?

  • You’re less likely to be underinsured, as the value of your home will be indexed annually.
  • Quick and hassle-free claims processing.

What does it cover?

Property damage resulting from:

  • Fire.
  • Fire extinguishing.
  • Lightning strike.
  • Explosion.

Basic Home insurance is our most affordable home insurance policy. Whether you’re still paying off a mortgage, or whether you’ve paid off your home, having homeowners insurance ensures that your home is insured in the event of damage caused by a fire, explosion or lightning strike. That way your home remains a well-protected solid investment.