Personalize your Funeral Wishes

Thinking about your own funeral is not exactly fun, but it can give you peace of mind. By putting your wishes in writing now, you are taking future worries away from your next-of-kin.

This handy booklet from ENNIA was made to assist you in putting all of your preferences down on paper. This will be of tremendous help to your loved ones, providing them with some guidance during a very difficult time.

Please send me my free copy of the funeral wishes booklet 》

You will be able to record financial and business information, as well as your personal preferences:

Uitvaart Wensenboek Cover ENG.png

  • Tips and practical information, such as important phone numbers and addresses.
  • What can be arranged right away, like gathering important documentation.
  • What items your next-of-kin will have to deal with after your death.
    Contact information of companies and organizations.
  • Memberships, subscriptions or contracts.

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