No-Claim Protection


Why choose this insurance?

  • For only 150 guilders a year your first loss/damage does not count and you maintain your no-claim discount.
  • You avoid a hefty increase in your premium (otherwise your premium may increase by up to 60%).
  • You can take out No-Claim Protection together with any type of vehicle insurance, from TPL to Ideal.
  • You can take out No-Claim Protection at any time. You don’t have to wait until your insurance is up for renewal.

You can purchase No-claim Protection if you have at least 5 claim-free years.

What does it cover?

The first damage in the current policy year does not count when determining your no-claim discount. You insure yourself against premium increases that occur when you have a loss/damage.

How much does No-Claim Protection cost?

No-Claim Protection only costs f 150 ($ 82) per year and receive free Fun Miles.

Now you'll receive 150 extra Fun Miles when you take out a No-claimprotector.

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