Guaranteed Pension Plan

ENNIA’s Guaranteed Pension Plan allows you to offer your employees a guaranteed pension. You give your employees the broadest range of security, promoting longer employment and stimulating higher satisfaction.

How does the Guaranteed Pension Plan work?

The Guaranteed Pension Plan is a benefit agreement based on salary, years of employment and accrual rate. The amount of the pension benefit is the starting point and premiums are adjusted accordingly. The most common forms are: the average and final salary plans, in which the amount of the pension benefit is linked to the average salary of the last earned wage. Typically, an employee with 40 years of service will receive a benefit of about 70% of their average salary.

Why choose it?

  • Your company benefits from tax advantages.
  • Your employees know in advance exactly how much their pension benefit will be.
  • The pension benefit of your employees is guaranteed.
  • The pension agreements are transparent and clear.
  • The Guaranteed Pension Plan is a valuable additional benefit and motivates employees.
  • The Guaranteed Pension Plan has a number of flexible options, such as purchasing in previous years of employment, individualized disability coverage, exchange of family coverage and a variable retirement age.

What’s covered?

  • Old Age Pension.
  • Waiver of premium in the event of disability.
  • Partner’s Pension (optional).
  • Orphan’s Annuity (optional).
  • Disability Pension (optional).

How much is the Guaranteed Pension Plan?

Our group pension plans are customized and set up according to your wishes, with ample possibilities to create flexible pension commitments. Ask our experienced pension advisors for a personalized estimate, customized for your staff, your financial situation and your business.