Director/Major Shareholder Pension Planning (DGA)

ENNIA is introducing Director/Major Shareholder Pension Planning especially for directors/shareholders. This unique concept allows you to securely arrange and manage your retirement. This means that once you’ve retired, you can enjoy your life to the fullest. You’ve worked hard enough for it!

Why choose it?

  • It’s unique. For the first time, there’s close cooperation between the tax advisor, accountant and pension expert to safely secure and optimally expand your retirement funds.
  • It’s reliable. You will be well informed by experienced experts on how to make informed retirement choices.
  • It’s flexible. You’re retirement strategy is periodically reviewed to determine if it still suits your current personal situation.
  • It’s optimal. Your retirement needs and wishes are optimally attuned to the financial state of your business.

How does Director/Major Shareholder Pension Planning work?

The phased Director/Major Shareholder Pension Planning makes sure that your pension benefit becomes reality.

STEP 1: You consider setting up a pension plan.

STEP 2: You make an inventory of your situation, future prospects and risks.

STEP 3: You seek advice to answer the question: in-house, insure or a combination?

STEP 4: You receive thorough advice about your pension commitment.

STEP 5: You make the final decisions about your pension.

STEP 6: Your choice is implemented and carefully documented in your personal Director/Major Shareholder Pension Planning file.

STEP 7: Your pension advisor maintains, monitors and manages your pension.

What’s covered?

Your pension is customized. Your tax advisor, accountant, pension advisor and ENNIA work together closely to build a complete Director/Major Shareholder  pension for you so that later on you can indeed enjoy the retirement you had envisioned. You decide yourself what is insured.

How much is a Director/Major Shareholder Pension?

The amount of your Director/Major Shareholder pension depends entirely on your personal wishes and opportunities and the financial status and liquidity needs of your business. Your insurance advisor or ENNIA will gladly calculate how much it will cost and how you will benefit from it of course!