Budget Guaranteed Pension

Looking for a guaranteed pension plan for your employees while maintaining a manageable budget? ENNIA’s Budget Guaranteed Pension is a combination of a predetermined pension budget and a predetermined pension benefit.

Give your employees the security of a guaranteed pension while guaranteeing yourself fixed pension costs. The paid premium builds up (after deducting risk premiums) pension capital with which a guaranteed pension benefit is purchased. The pension payout at retirement is fixed in advance and does not depend on intermediate returns on investment.

Why choose this insurance?

  • As an employer, your (future) pension costs are entirely predictable and manageable.
  • Your employees known exactly how much pension they are building up.
  • A part of the pension is purchased every year, providing your employees with more security.

What’s covered?

  • Old Age Pension.
  • Waiver of premium in the event of disability.
  • Partner’s Pension (optional)
  • Orphan’s Annuity (optional).
  • Occupational Disability Pension (optional).

How much is Budget Guaranteed Pension?

Our group pension plans are simple, transparent and tailor made with many possibilities to customize the pension commitments. Ask our experienced pension advisors for a personalized estimate, customized for your staff, your financial situation and your business.