Inventory and Goods insurance

A smart entrepreneur makes sure his or her inventory and goods are properly insured. This way a company can quickly get back on its feet, after a fire for example, without losing any clients.

ENNIA’s Inventory and Goods insurance covers the loss of your inventory and goods as the result of a fire. You can also take out additional coverage for natural disasters and break-ins. In the event of a break-in, ENNIA covers lost or damaged business assets, such as goods (including those owned by third parties), machines and inventory. Our break-in insurance is always offered in combination with fire insurance.

Why choose this insurance?

  • We help you cover the costs of having to replace your inventory and goods after a fire, break-in or natural disaster.
  • We can also insure machines and goods owned by third parties that are in your building or on your property.
  • We take care of the financial concerns from losing inventory, because we know that you, as an entrepreneur, already have enough on your plate after a fire, break-in or natural disaster.
  • We offer free expert advice on loss prevention.

What does it cover?

  • Loss of business inventory and goods as a result of a fire is included in the standard coverage.
  • Additional coverage for damage as a result of break-ins and natural disasters.
  • Lost or damaged business assets, goods, machines and inventory.
  • Temporary rental of replacement space.
  • Lightning strike and water damage with very comprehensive coverage.

How much does ENNIA’s Inventory and Goods insurance cost?

Your Inventory and Goods insurance is customized for your business. The price depends on the basic and additional coverage you want for your company. We offer competitive rates. Your independent insurance advisor or ENNIA can make a personalized estimate for your organization.