Sentoo frequently asked questions


Where can I use Sentoo at ENNIA?

Sentoo is currently available when purchasing your ENNIA travel insurance. Sentoo will also be available for other insurances.

Why can I only choose Banco di Caribe during checkout?

Banco di Caribe is the first bank to officially announce its partnership with Sentoo. More banks will be added soon and announced by Sentoo on their media channels.

What is the difference between paying with Sentoo and paying my ENNIA invoice via an online bank transfer?

Sentoo payments are done using the mobile banking app or the online banking environment of your own bank. However, all payment details, such as receiver, amount, and description, are pre-filled automatically, and you instantly know if your Sentoo payment succeeded. This also means that you will receive your polis within minutes.

Why can’t I choose my own bank when paying with Sentoo?

This means that your bank is not yet offering Sentoo as a service. Please contact your own bank for more information.

I have a question about a specific Sentoo payment. Whom can I contact?

For questions about a specific Sentoo payment, you can start by contacting ENNIA. If an ENNIA employee cannot answer the question you can contact Sentoo directly through the support page.

Does Sentoo charge extra costs on top of payments to ENNIA?

Sentoo does not charge any costs to customers. However, online banking fees may apply depending on your bank.

I am experiencing technical difficulties

Please contact ENNIA. You can also contact Sentoo directly through the support page.

Is Sentoo safe?

Sentoo values your safety and the privacy of your data. For this reason, Sentoo takes several precautionary measures:

  • Sentoo complies with the latest industry standards and quality requirements.
  • No personally identifiable data is stored, and sensitive database fields are encrypted.
  • Sentoo constantly updates and monitors the platform to maintain the expected security level.
  • The traffic is TLS-encrypted, and the network and APIs are regularly pen-tested.
  • Banks and third-party security auditors perform regular audits.

Is my personal information safe?

Sentoo saves as little data information as possible, sensitive database fields are extra encrypted, and Sentoo does not receive personal payment information from the customers.

Sentoo uses Plausible, an independent analytics tool that does not store any personal information for our analytics.

I received an error message during my Sentoo payment and then made another Sentoo payment (2x). What should I do?

You can contact ENNIA to check whether they have received a double payment and request a refund of the overpaid amount. If the company has not received the payment, please check with your bank. You can contact your bank for assistance and find out the status of the payment. It can be helpful to have the Sentoo transaction number from your account statement at hand.

Can I reverse a Sentoo payment?

You cannot reverse a Sentoo payment. You agree to the transaction within your online banking environment. The amount is immediately debited from your account, just like with a PIN payment in the shop. If you wish to cancel the purchase, you must contact the party to whom you made the payment.

Do I have to pay fees for a Sentoo payment?

If you make a Sentoo payment as a consumer, there will be no extra costs from ENNIA. However, Online Banking charges may apply depending on your bank.

How does paying with Sentoo work?

Click here for all information about how payment with Sentoo works.

What is the difference between Sentoo and a Credit Card?

When you pay with Sentoo, you pay through your bank. The amount due will then be immediately debited. With a credit card payment, you pay the bill afterwards. The term, interest rates, and credit card rates differ per bank.

I paid with Sentoo, and the money has been debited, but the company says it has not received the money. What should I do?

Contact Sentoo via the support page. Sentoo can help and find out the status of the payment. It is helpful to have the Sentoo transaction number of the payment from your account statement at hand.