Did you suffer loss/damage while traveling? Let us know as soon as possible. Then we can quickly and effectively assist in handling your travel loss/damage claim.

Requesting emergency assistance

  • Do you need emergency assistance during your trip or vacation because of illness or an accident?
  • We are ready 24/7 to help you with our EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE department.
  • Call us at T: (+ 5999) 434 3999 in case there is no connection please call (+5999) 670 4800.
  • Keep your policy number on hand and note in advance your current location and a telephone number where you can be reached.

Reporting loss/damage during your trip

  • Always report theft or loss during your trip to the local police or another official agency, if necessary.
  • Always also report any theft or loss with your tour guide/hotel management.
  • Always ask for a written copy of the report you filed.
  • In the event of loss and/or damage to your belongings while using (public) transportation, always obtain a written statement from the transportation company.
  • Airlines call this a "Property Irregularity Report".
  • Keep all damaged items until after the claim is settled.

Reporting loss/damage while traveling upon returning home

  • As soon as possible after returning home, report your claim to your insurance adviser or ENNIA. You can do this by filling in the online claim form. Or at our office, where you can also fill in the form.
  • Fill in the online claim form.
  • Attach these documents:
    • ID
    • Original invoices and warranties
    • Statements
    • Photographs and other evidence
    • Any other relevant information, such as a copy of the ticket or booking information.

The more complete the loss/damage description and accompanying documents are, the better and faster we can help you.

Handling your travel loss/damage claim

  • Your travel loss or damage claim will be quickly and expertly handled by an experienced ENNIA claims processor.
  • If we have any questions or need something from you, we’ll let you know. Otherwise you will receive your money by direct deposit.