Pay securely and directly with your Medicard.

ENNIA’s Medicard is one of our great advantages. Nothing comes out of your own pockets – you pay quickly, securely and directly with your Medicard.

  • Pick up your medication at any pharmacy/drugstore.
  • Your medical purchases are fully covered.
  • You don’t have to pay out of your own pocket or pay in advance.
  • You save valuable time.
  • Avoid lots of red tape.

1. How does your ENNIA Medicard work?

Pick up your medication easily and free of charge at any pharmacy/drugstore with your ENNIA Medicard and a prescription from your family physician or specialist. Pay directly with your card instead of out of your own pocket.

2. Who is eligible for the ENNIA Medicard?

You are eligible for the ENNIA Medicard if you live in Curacao or St. Maarten and have ENNIA’s 1st, 2nd, 3rd or Children’s Class Healthcare insurance, including Family Physician insurance without medical exceptions and without deductibles.

3. What can you use the ENNIA Medicard for?

You can use your ENNIA Medicard to pay for all your family physician, medical specialist or pharmacy/drugstore bills in Curacao or St. Maarten.

4. What should you do if your ENNIA Medicard doesn’t work?

The system can be down temporarily or it may indicate that you do not have the correct coverage. In this case, you must pay for your medication out of your own pocket and declare the expenses directly with ENNIA. If it appears that you are indeed entitled to coverage, then ENNIA will reimburse the medication expenses. You cannot use the Medicard to pay for non-prescription medication; this you must pay for yourself.