ENNIA Curaçao

ENNIA Curaçao bank accounts

  • Your invoice states the name of the company you should send your payment to.
  • Make sure always to include only your policy number!
  • Please pay each invoice separately (do not pay multiple invoices together).
  • If you receive your invoice from your broker, please follow your broker’s payment instructions.
ENNIA Caribe Leven NV   Valuta
Banco di Caribe  13011401 ANG
MCB 33993308 ANG
ENNIA Caribe Schade NV   Valuta
Banco di Caribe  31393001 ANG
MCB 29453505 ANG
ENNIA Caribe Zorg NV   Valuta
Banco di Caribe  24084001 ANG


You will receive the insurance certificate for your car after you've paid your premium online. Email your proof of payment along with the policy number to incasso@ennia.com. You'll be notified as soon as your insurance certificate is ready and you'll be able to pick it up from our reception on presentation of your sedula (ID). 

Now you can also opt for the digital insurance certificate of your motor vehicle insurance on your smartphone.