No-claim protection: do yourself and your wallet a favor

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Buying a car is great, but how do you keep it affordable? You paid a considerable amount for your purchase. And then you have the insurance on top of that. You want to enjoy that investment to the max. I’d love to give you two tips on how to avoid unnecessary costs.

Tip 1

It reminds me of Roberto, a friend of mine. He has his own company and had worked hard enough to reward himself with a Porsche. He’d had it for a month when his wife, Faya, asked on a Saturday afternoon if she could show this new pride to her friends. Faya is the high heels type. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s the best thing when driving. On the way, Faya had to hit the brakes suddenly, but her heel got caught in the mat. That brings me to tip 1: driving damage-free usually has to do with a few little things. Of course, we know that high heels are not optimal for driving. But, hey, that’s never been a problem for us before. That doesn’t make it safe. The same goes for slippers. They’re called ‘slippers’ for a reason. Your foot can easily slip while handling the pedals. It’s been researched and proven. The advice: don’t do it.

Slippers are called slippers for a good reason

And like these, there are many other little things. You probably know of a few yourself. Sending a quick app while driving. Or grabbing something that just rolled under the seat. Quickly getting the bottle of water out of your purse. Don’t just think ‘oh well’, but let it stay a bit more top of mind. Grab a piece of paper and write down your top 5 of ‘little things’ that have almost caused you to have an accident before. Maybe the slippers and high heels make the list too. By making such a list, you subconsciously focus more on these little things. 

Tip 2

But regardless of how focused you are, driving completely fault-free does not exist. We’re human and humans make mistakes. It can happen and that’s why you’re insured. But such an accident, small as it may be, will cost you a big chunk of your accumulated no-claim discount. Do yourself (and your wallet) a favor and take out the no-claim protection. Accident or not: your no-claim remains intact. That could save you quite a few pennies. Would you like to know more?

No-claim protection

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