Mostly you walk away unscathed. But what if something does go wrong just that once? (1)


You surely know those moments: you managed to react in the nick of time. Thank goodness, because it could have turned out badly. You had an angel on your shoulder, and you go on forewarned and forearmed. But what happens if things do go wrong just that once? A serious accident with permanent injury. Sometimes an accident is waiting to happen and according to statistics, that’s more often than you’d think.

We often do the odd ‘do-it-yourself’ job; at home, at a friend or relative’s house. We work in the garden, on our car or on our house. Even a ‘small accident’ while doing sports, can cause a serious injury with long-lasting impact. And what about a traffic accident? That could end dramatically.

Misery? You don’t want to have to think about it

And still, it’s not such a bad thing to do so every now and then. And I should know, because in my line of work I often meet people for whom a simple accident unexpectedly causes them to hit rock bottom. I’m reminded of Dean, a forty-year old. He was happy with the house where he and his family lived. But what happens? While painting he falls off the ladder and is partially paralyzed. No longer able to walk, he not only loses his job, but also his beloved home. He was no longer able to pay the mortgage. Heartbreaking! What a great solution it would have been if he ‘d received a huge amount in compensation due to this severe injury. Then he could have taken the time to pick up his life again.

Personal accident insurance can secure you with this additional sum of money. In short: compensation will be paid out in case of an accident if you are (partially) paralyzed or deceased. An amount that allows you or your next of kin to somehow pick your life/ their lives back up, as far as possible after such a serious accident.

In the event of an accident, most people think of their health insurance. That’s the compensation you receive for the medical care. That insurance is intended to cover doctor and hospital costs. The personal accident insurance is different; that concerns money for you (or your family). Money that can be put to very good use at such a time.

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