New vehicle

A new vehicle keeps you mobile. Exercise and human interaction are important.

With good vehicle insurance, you are just a little bit more confident on the road. And you know you won’t be left stranded if your vehicle breaks down.

Third Party Liability insurance and Passenger insurance

You probably already know: anyone who owns a vehicle is required by law to take out Third Party Liability (TPL) insurance. This insurance covers damage that your vehicle may cause to other people and their property. Third Party Liability is only recommended if your vehicle’s value does not make it worth taking out Comprehensive vehicle insurance. For some, this is when a vehicle is 8 years old. For others, it may be when it’s older than that.

We advise you to additionally insure your passengers in the event of an accident by taking out Passenger insurance.

Comprehensive vehicle insurance and no-claim years

The type of vehicle insurance we recommend depends on your vehicle. We offer you 3 choices, from simple and inexpensive Limited Comprehensive Vehicle insurance to more comprehensive Extra Comprehensive Vehicle insurance to the most complete vehicle insurance there is: Ideal Comprehensive Vehicle. Decide which is best for your vehicle. For new cars, we recommend Extra Comprehensive or Ideal Comprehensive Vehicle insurance.

It’s good to know: you’re probably a good driver. We reward drivers who haven’t had any accidents causing damage with a maximum 80% no-claim discount.