for a good cause!

Every year ENNIA has an End of Year campaign for customers and relations. This year has been a difficult year for our community and that's why we are doing it differently this year. We're going to do it together… for a good cause.

These are difficult times for companies, but even more difficult for the charities on our islands. Charity organizations play an important role in our community. These organizations need our support to keep doing good work.

This year ENNIA chooses to donate its entire end-of-year budget to charities in order to contribute to our community: Together… for a good cause!

The promotion has a number of goals:

Involvement of all colleagues
Involvement of all customers
Involvement of all partners
Community Involvement

ENNIA invites its partners to also nominate a charity and, together with ENNIA, make a financial contribution to the charities.

For this promotion, ENNIA has created a Charity platform on which all charities that have been selected are shown. For every charity that a partner brings in with a donation, ENNIA increases it with a part of the available budget.

Everyone can also contribute separately by transferring an amount to the desired charity. The total amount donated to the Charity is tracked.

Everyone can also vote on which charity you want to be showcased. The winner with the most votes will receive a promotional video in which they can show who they are, what they do, and how they do it.