Everything about Bai’e

TeleCuraçao’s popular television show

Read here everything about TeleCuraçao’s popular television show where contestants can win a car. See how you, as an ENNIA client, can sign up and who has already won it all. The popular TV game show Bai'e, has been a hit in Curacao for a long time. On the program contestants receive a car key. If that key starts the car, then they win the car! But during the game, they can also win money and in each round they can choose what to do: take the money or go for the car.

If they eventually choose the money, then the host still tries the key to see if the car would have started. Did the contestants make the right choice or not? It’s always an exciting show to watch.

ENNIA sponsors Bai'e. The winner of the car receives one year of free vehicle insurance from ENNIA. 

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