Why is travel insurance necessary?

  • You insure yourself for medical expenses abroad, which currently are not covered by the compulsory basic health insurance (AZV/BVZ).
  • You insure yourself for the costs of returning unexpectedly and early.
  • You insure yourself against the damage, loss or theft of your baggage and belongings.
  • You want to enjoy your vacation carefree.

Medical expenses

What if you have to go unexpectedly to the emergency room? What if you have an accident that lands you in the hospital? What if in the worst case scenario a body has to be repatriated? Since the AZV or BVZ was introduced, you are unfortunately no longer insured abroad for these costs. For the BES islands, you have to pay for everything that is above the BES rate yourself. ENNIA’s Travel insurance also covers people older than 70 years.

With ENNIA’s Travel insurance you just call our emergency number and you will be helped immediately and you will be reimbursed for the costs you pre-paid to which you are entitled. Under the minimum coverage, you are already insured for f 7,500 ($ 4,120) against acute illness and accidents; and for only f 10 ($ 5.50) per day you will be insured to the maximum for medical expenses while traveling.
Read the conditions for ENNIA’s Travel insurance.

Trip interruption

What if you have to suddenly return home during your vacation because of illness or the death of a family member? Won’t that involve unforeseen costs? With ENNIA’s Travel insurance you are covered. You arrange your flight home and upon return you immediately declare to us the extra costs for tickets, taxis and other unforeseen expenses that are included under your coverage package.
Read the conditions for ENNIA’s Travel insurance.

Theft and damage

What if your luggage gets lost or damaged during your trip? What if your camera or cell phone is stolen while you’re on vacation? Unfortunately it’s happening more and more often. With ENNIA’s Travel insurance, you insure yourself against these unpleasant situations, provided that you submit a claim of course.
Read the conditions for ENNIA’s Travel insurance.

Carefree enjoyment

For a small fee you can be compensated for a big loss. Should something happen, then you’ll have no financial worries. And you’ll know that we are accessible 24/7 to assist and advise you. Having travel insurance means having a more relaxing vacation.

ENNIA’s Travel insurance. Just get it.

  • Easy to take out.
  • Single-trip travel insurance is available from as low as f 1.75 ($1) per day.
  • Multi-trip travel insurance starts at f 130 ($ 71) per year.
  • Online 24/7.
  • So you can also use your tablet or cell phone.
  • Even up until the day of departure and even in the airport departure hall.

And we hope you have a great vacation!

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