ENNIA. More than insurance.

As an insurance company ENNIA has acquired valuable knowledge and experience over the last 65 years in the fields of damage and damage prevention. Most of this knowledge is stored in the heads of our employees and on the hard drives of our computers. With this booklet we would like to share our knowledge and knowhow with you as we believe that ENNIA is more than just insurance.

As a caring insurance company we deliver much more than financial insurance products alone. We enjoy helping our clients to limit their risks and enhance their feelings of safety and security at work, at home and in their (near) future. We do this in a proactive and preventive manner by using our expertise and advising them on all sorts of issues that we are knowledgeable in.

Prevention of damage is definitely an important subject that we would like to inform and advise you about. Last year we organized a very successful prevention seminar on Curaçao focusing on organizations and companies. This year we will do so again combining our seminar with many interesting demonstrations and a prevention fair for a larger group of participants, including individual consumers as well.

Soon we will set up a well-equipped prevention shop with products and services to enhance your safety and prevent accidents and damage at home and at work. For now we have compiled a useful booklet, containing many tips on how to prevent fire, theft, robberies, water damage caused by flooding, identity fraud and identity theft and last but not least cybercrime.

We trust you will put these useful tips into practice as it’s always better to prevent than to cure.