Theft prevention tips

Theft prevention tips

At home
• Hide valuables and keep as little cash at home as possible.

• When on vacation: make your home look occupied. Have a radio on or some lights
on. Ask neighbors to empty your letter box and to keep an eye on your home. Also
consider notifying the police of your absence. Do not leave messages on your
answering machine or social media (e.g. Facebook etc.) that mention your absence.

• Do not mention your name and address on your key label.

• Should your keys get stolen, have the cylinders on your lock changed immediately.

• Be aware of suspicious movements in your street. For instance, a vehicle or bicycle
passing your house slowly several times or passers-by with more than normal
interest for your house. Also be alert when receiving strange phone calls.

• Never mention your home address on your suitcases: thieves could be reading the
label at the airport. Use the address of your destination and an address of family or
friends (for return).

In your car
• When leaving your car, always lock doors and close windows and/or roof. Even if
you are only leaving the car briefly.

• Whenever possible, put your car in your yard or carport. Lock car and yard fence.

• Don’t forget to activate the alarm.

• Leave the glove compartment and other compartments open so thieves can see
there is nothing to steal.

• Hide your keys when leaving them at home.

• Never leave a spare car key or house keys in your car.