Start-Up Policy

Want a bright financial future for your (young) family? Invest in financial security with ENNIA’s Start-Up Policy. Each month, save at least f 50 ($27). At the policy’s maturity date, your family receives a guaranteed amount of benefit. Also, if you happen to pass away during the duration of the insurance, your family is well insured.

The savings goals for the Start-Up Policy are: saving for additional benefit after you reach the age of 60 and/or security for your family in the event of your death.

Why choose this insurance?

  • There’s always a benefit payout.
  • Possibilities for every budget.
  • The Start-Up Policy starts paying out when you reach the age of 60.
  • The Life insurance continues after you reach the age of 60, but you don’t pay any premiums.
  • If you become incapacitated by an accident or illness, then the insurance continues until you reach the age of 60, but you don’t pay any premiums.
  • All benefit payouts are guaranteed.

What does it cover?

  • If you’re alive at the age of 60, you receive a benefit payout.
  • If you pass away before the policy’s maturity date, the benefit amount is tripled and immediately paid out to your family.
  • If your death is caused by an accident, the benefit payout is multiplied by six.
  • If you pass away after the policy has matured, the insurance pays out a second benefit.

How much does the Start-Up Policy cost?

You determine your monthly premium: f 50 ($27), f 75 ($41), f 100 ($55) or more. Your income determines the amount of the premium. For less than f 1,70 ($1) per day you can have financial security for you and your family. We, or your independent insurance advisor, can help you in your decision-making process. You’ll then receive a personalized estimate.