Life Insurance

Taking good care of yourself during life and also taking care of those you leave behind after death. That’s what Life insurance is about. Choose to let your financial uncertainties be taken care of by an insurance company and have less financial uncertainty in your life or after your death.

There are several reasons why people take out Life insurance policies. The most common reasons are:

  • Debt repayment after your death (for example of a mortgage or a personal loan).
  • Caring for family members after your death.
  • Saving for future expenses (for example an education fund).
  • An income for retirement (supplement your pension).

Different types

Choose from the following basic types:

  1. Term insurance in the event of death (Term Life insurance).
  2. Endowment insurance while alive (paying out at the end of the insurance period).
  3. Combined insurance (Whole Life insurance).

All kinds of variations are possible within these types. How to best put together your own Life insurance package is entirely dependent on your own personal circumstances. Your income, age, budget, family composition and future plans all play a role.

What does it cover?

Depending on the type of insurance you choose, you are insured against the risk of premature death (payout of the benefit in the event of death before the policy’s maturity date) or the possibility of longevity (payout of the benefit if you’re alive at the policy’s maturity date). The various insurance policies can also be taken out for two individuals.

How much does Life insurance cost?

You decide both the amount of the payout for which you want to be insured and the duration of the insurance. Your choice depends on your financial situation and your personal wishes.

It is important to examine exactly what you need and to make sure that you are neither over insured nor underinsured. Our insurance advisors can assist you in creating an inventory based on your wishes and mapping out the possibilities.