Education Plan

Invest in the future of your child. With the ENNIA Education Plan, you give your child the financial support they need. The sooner you start saving, the lower the premium. Smart parents help create smart kids.

Education is an important, but expensive investment

Education is expensive, both locally and abroad. Saving for it is perhaps the most important investment you can make in your child. The sooner you start saving, the less it costs per month to build up a sound education fund.

Why choose it?

  • A flexible and customized education plan.
  • An affordable monthly premium now, a higher payout later.
  • Financial security for your child at an important time.
  • Guaranteed payout. Even if you become disabled or pass away prematurely.
  • Paid out according to your preferences (all at once or spread over the 3, 4 or 5-year study period).

How does the Education Plan work?

The Education Plan is a combination of savings and insurance.

  • The savings portion: you build up a fixed fund for several years. You determine the payout date in advance. Your child’s education can be paid with these funds.
  • The insurance portion: if something happens to you during the term of the Education Plan, then you’re insured. Should you become disabled or pass away, for example, your child will still receive the predetermined payout amount when the plan matures). This insures your child can always continue their education.

Curious to see what the smartest way is to approach financial planning for your situation, or would you like to create an education savings plan for your child?


Is your child continuing their studies later than planned?

It might be that your child is taking longer to finish high school or wants to take a year off after high school. That’s no problem, then you simply delay the payout. For the same premium you may also extend the insurance – always by a 1 year term - until your child turns 21. Your child will then receive even more funds when the plan matures.

How much does the Education Plan cost?

The sooner you start saving, the more funds you can build up. This means you will have less debt from student loans. Or you’ll have to pay less each month to receive the same amount when the plan matures. For example, if you start saving just after your child is born, then for a monthly premium of f 168 you will quickly build up a f 50,000 education fund. Aforementioned premium depends on the duration of the insurance, the parent’s age and health. Our insurance advisors will gladly help you to explore your possibilities.

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