Contents insurance

A single break-in can result in the sudden loss of all your valuables. Or even a fire, caused by a short circuit or vandalism. What a pity! But not to worry: ENNIA’s contents insurance gives you excellent coverage against any damage to your belongings, whether you’re a homeowner or tenant.

Why choose the contents insurance?

  • Not only your belongings indoor but also those in your yard, your shed or your car (as long as it’s parked on your enclosed property).
  • You’re less likely to be underinsured, because we index annually.
  • For both tenants and homeowners.
  • Free advice on how to reduce the risk of a break-in or damage to your home.


Do you have valuables?

In the event of theft, the Contents insurance only offers a limited coverage up to a maximum of 20% of the insured amount, not exceeding f 15.000 ($ 8.242). Are your valuables worth more? Then insure them with our Valuables insurance.

Avoid being underinsured

Being underinsured can lead to disappointment when it comes to settling claims. With damage, compensation is always based on the total value in proportion to the insured amount. If you’re underinsured you won’t be entitled to full compensation because you didn’t have full coverage. You will only receive 100% compensation if you’re 100% insured.

Insured value/ actual value x cost of damages = compensation

For example:
Say you’ve insured your home contents for f 40.000 but the actual worth is f 80.000. Imagine your damage is f 5.000, you’ll only receive f 2.500 compensation.

Make sure you have the right coverage for your household contents, by using the Contents Value Calculator.

Prevention tips

  • Prevent damages caused by break-in, flooding, fire or storm. Read more about it here.
  • Always make sure you understand what is covered by your insurance. Read more about it here.