Extra Comprehensive Vehicle

Extra Comprehensive Vehicle insurance lets you enjoy the comfort of an excellent ‘all-risk’ insurance, while benefiting from lots of extra services. On top of that, good drivers are rewarded! If you don’t get into any accidents, then the discounts for all our vehicle insurances can increase up to 80%. Has something happened to your vehicle? Don’t worry; we will make sure that everything gets taken care of with the least amount of worry and hassle. 

Why choose this insurance?

  • In the event of a total-loss within 12 months, we’ll give you a brand-new vehicle!
  • Also possible for used vehicles of up to 7 years. Advance inspection by ENNIA from 4 years (Aruba from 3 years).
  • No-claim discount up to 80%.
  • Convenient: now you can also pay monthly.
  • Build-up your no-claim discount separately for TPL and Comprehensive coverage.
  • Good drivers are rewarded.
  • For a small extra fee, you retain your no-claim discount even after the first accident with the No-claim Protector.
  • Stranded by the side of the road? Free assistance in Aruba and Curaçao.

What does it cover?

  • Third Party Liability (TPL).
  • In the event of a total loss within 12 months, we’ll give you a brand-new vehicle, even if the price of your vehicle has increased, up to 25%.
  • If you are summoned to court, we will pay your legal fees.
  • Any and all possible damage to your vehicle (caused by people, animals, and/or nature).
  • Collisions, vehicle rollover, driving off the road and/or submerging your vehicle in water.
  • Reimbursement of incurred emergency medical expenses.
  • Towing and salvage costs.
  • Coverage for a temporary replacement vehicle of similar value as your insured vehicle.
  • Rental expenses for a replacement vehicle with a maximum of f 75 ($ 41) per day and a maximum of f 1,000 ($ 550) per accident.

Tip: It’s a good idea to consider increasing your liability coverage (WA), and not just getting the standard f 150,000 coverage. Read more about this in our article: “You are liable for a higher amount than you are insured for, now what?

How much does Extra Comprehensive Vehicle insurance cost?

  • Extra Comprehensive Vehicle insurance is very competitively priced. Calculate your premium now! It’s quick and easy.