TOP Pension Plan

The age at which you receive ‘government pension’ (AOV) in Curacao has been increased to 65. This has consequences for the pension incomes of your employees. The pensions that they have built up with you and previous employers still applies to the age agreed upon by you and your employees. However, the ‘government pension’ does not pay out until your employee turns 65, so their income is lower than expected. This deficit can be easily supplemented with ENNIA’s TOP Pension Plan.

How does the TOP Pension Plan work?

With ENNIA’s TOP Pension Plan, your employees don’t have to worry about the gap in their pension income from not receiving ‘government pension’. This deficit can be completely supplemented. ENNIA’s TOP Pension Plan is a temporary monthly benefit while alive. This means that your employees receive their benefit as long as they are alive between the ages of 60 and 65. As an employer, you contribute at least 50%.

Why choose this plan?

  • Your employees will not have a pension deficit, despite the increased ‘government pension’ age limit.
  • You and your employee decide together at what age the TOP Pension Plan begins, as long as it is between the 60th and 65th birthday of the employee.
  • You can choose from several monthly premiums: f 300 ($ 165), f 500 ($ 275), f 700 ($ 385) or a maximum of f 900 ($ 495).

Tax benefit

There is a tax benefit for both the employer and the employee: the costs are tax-deductible.

What does it cover?

You fill the gap created in your employees’ pension benefit as result of the age at which they receive ‘government pension’ increasing  from 60 to 65. The TOP Pension Plan pays your employees back the amount (or a portion of it) that was lost.

How much does the TOP Pension Plan cost?

The costs depend on your choices and the choices of your employee. One of our experienced pension advisors will gladly discuss the possibilities with you.